3 Popular Online Degrees You Can Pursue Flexibly

March 7th, 2013

Busy schedules and hectic work life make it almost impossible for people to pursue education by traditional mode of learning. Tiring work schedule, home responsibilities or time constraints, any legitimate reason can hinder the educational process. This paves way for flexible online learning which aims to provide ease of access to students no matter where they reside.

3 Popular Online Degrees You Can Pursue Flexibly

Now anyone can build a career with an online degree and compete in the global arena. If you can balance home and job commitments, then finding time for online learning only requires self-motivation. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular degrees that you can take up online:

1. Online Business Administration Degrees

If you need flexibility to learn business and leadership principles and tactics then go for an Online Business Administration Degree.

Your educational journey can begin with an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and you can then progress onto an online MBA degree. There are many specializations you can choose from such as Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Financial Management or Accounting. Subject related material will be provided through email, you just need to have a reliable internet connection.

Core courses covered during an Online Graduate Program in Business Administration include Business Policy and Strategy, Finance, Micro and Macroeconomics and e-commerce.

Job Prospects and Salary

Online Business Administration Degree graduates can get management and administrative positions in government and private sectors. Health services, banking, finance and real estate are some of the popular industries where you can serve. The annual median pay of finance administrators in 2013 was $61,000 while office administrators earned $50,000.

2. Online Paralegal Degrees

If you want to study a legal degree at your own pace then begin with an Online Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies. You will be taught the fundamentals and principles of legal studies and how law enforcement agencies operate. The option of taking up one or more courses per semester will be open to you with no pressure from instructors. Find an accredited online school today for studying the typical coursework of legal studies and achieve proficiency in conducting legal research.

Job Prospects and Salary

Law firms, law enforcement agencies and courts look for brilliant minds who can think logically, so hone your logical cognitive skills with an Online Undergraduate Degree in Legal Studies. $47,000 per year was the annual median salary paid to paralegals as of 2013.

3. Online Computer and Information Technology Degrees

If you have a keen interest in new software and technologies then information technology is the field for you. By learning computer systems, database management, legal issues of IT world and much more your career in IT will skyrocket. It is a feasible and flexible degree program that pays back well.

Job Prospects and Salary

To work as a computer system analyst or specialist, an Undergraduate Degree in IT and Information System is mandatory. Computer support specialists earned a mean income of $48,000 annually in 2013.

Don’t let work or home responsibilities hinder your chance of progressing in the corporate world, go get your online degree and embark on a successful career today!

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