Are You Considering a Career in Health Sciences

December 6th, 2013

Are you the sort who waits on the world to change or perhaps one of those who feel that bringing about a change, through your actions and efforts is your responsibility? Many of us who fall in the latter category, want to take up professions that allow us to make a difference in the real world.

80% of US citizens opt for Health sciences for the same reason. Do you fall in the same bracket?

Are You Considering a Career in Health Sciences

Come Rain or Shine, You do not Dangle from your Purpose

Whatever the case may be you are determined to save lives by either opting for career as a nurse or managing affairs as a medical assistance. Your aim in life is to pay back to the society. Although the demand of the job at times require you to reach out more, but despite that you are willing to keep the flame burning.

Studying Health and Medicine is Next to Breathing

Nothing gives you more pleasure than actually finding out new discovery in the field of medicine. Sometimes lab class is all you look forward to.

With so much of passion to study and serve, health care industry should be your only spot. To get into the field you need to have basic four year degree for most of the jobs, however there a quite few where an associate degree will suffice.

Conduct research on the education requirements for all the options you have for this particular field. This site alone will help you guide about various professions, other than the conventional ones and what could be the best means to get the degree.

You Want to be a Part of a Growing Industry

There is absolutely no denying that this is one booming industry. The expected 28% of all new jobs created in US economy belong to health care industry. Now this is one good reason why career in health sciences could be your best option.

Few of the Coveted Professions in This Field

The job outlook of the following occupations can make this to be a good choice for you.

  • Respiratory Therapists – Average Annual Salary = $57,200
  • IVeterinary Technicians – Average Annual Salary = $31,470
  • Veterinarians- The Median Salary = $84,000
  • Physical Therapists,- Average Annual Salary= $78,890
  • Pharmacy technicians Average Annual Salary =$30,430
  • Healthcare Administrator Average Annual Salary =$80,000
  • Physical Therapist Assistants – Average Annual Salary = $52,320
  • Biologists- The Median Salary over $70,000
  • Psychiatric Technician: $21,203 – $48,788 per year

With so many great careers to begin with, have you decided which degree to pursue to get there?

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