Careers with Online Associate’s Degree Program

An associate’s degree is a two year degree program that lays the foundation for further academic studies, or in many cases, prepares students to join an occupation.

What is the time duration of this degree?

This degree is generally 60-65 credit hours long, and can be completed within two years after high school. Content wise, this degree can be divided in three parts; general education requirements, major requirements and electives.

Why Pursue Your Associate’s Degree Online?

Students who are currently working or those who have prior family commitments can apply for this degree to gain expertise. The degree not only provides comprehensive knowledge within a shorter time period, but it also prepares students for advance studies. Online colleges provide you with the flexibility, convenience and accessibility that just can’t be matched by campus based degrees.

Popular Degree Programs at the Associate Level

A wide range of disciplines, from business to healthcare, education to fine arts, are covered by online associate programs. These degrees are of two types; occupational and transfer degrees. A transfer degree completes half credits of a bachelor’s program, while an occupational degree prepares students for field work.
Some popular degree programs that can be pursued at the associate level include:

  • Business and management
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Law and legal studies
  • Social sciences
  • Natural sciences

Career Prospects AndSalary Package

According tothe Bureau of Labor Statistics, graduates with a two year undergraduate degree find better employment opportunities than ones only with high school diplomas. A person who has a high school diploma can make $652 per week on average basis, whilean associate’s degree holder can earn, on average, $785 per week.

Improve your skills, and increase your employment opportunities as well as salary prospects by getting an online associate’s degree.