Career with Online Bachelor’s Degree

An Online Bachelor’s Degree is an ideal program for individuals who cannot attend traditional campus based degree programs due to work or home responsibilities. This degree can be earned in two years after an associate’s program; students can also directly go for a four year long undergraduate degree. Principles and concepts highlighted in an associate’s program are taught in greater detail during a bachelor’s program.

Why go for a Bachelor’s Degree online?

An online degree has several advantages over a campus based undergraduate degree. Reading material, coursework, and instructional videos can all be accessed by students from the comfort of their home without spending money on travelling and books an accredited degree from a reputed online can be gained.

Most Popular Online Undergraduate Degrees

An Online Undergraduate Degree can be completed in four years from an accredited online school. These degrees are basically of two types, one is Bachelor’s of Arts which focuses on theory and includes subjects like humanities, sociology and English; while the other one is Bachelors of Science which includes field work and practice in subjects like applied science, physics, biology and chemistry.

Other popular online undergraduate degrees include:

  • Business
  • Liberal arts and sciences
  • Computer and information sciences
  • Healthcare

Salary Prospects and Employment Opportunities

Undergraduate degrees are generally the minimum requirement that most employers look for when hiring. There are certain disciplines where you can make a career armed only with a bachelor’s; these include nursing, engineering, psychology, graphic design, fine arts and even paralegal studies.

Annual median salary of undergraduate degree holders in 2012 was $44,259, which is 1.7% higher than the figures collected in 2011.

Online Bachelor’s Degree prepares students with appropriate knowledge of an area from which many employers can benefit. They serve various industries on the basis of their expertise and play a vital role in competitive integrated global market.