Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Development

January 2nd, 2013

Early childhood education focuses on the instruction of children between 4-11 years old. It is a field that is growing by the minute and interest within it is expanding across the globe. People are realizing just how important these initial years are, and that teaching children of such a young age requires a different kind of expertise.

Career Prospects With An Early Childhood Development Degree

Childhood is a time of constant discovery, learning and growth, and we must do everything we can to foster learning in this time in an environment that is conducive to learning and comfortable for young children. Keeping this in mind, many colleges have designed programs aimed specifically at providing the skills needed to be an effective child care worker and teacher.

If you are interested in early childhood development, then you can kick start your career with an Online Degree in ECD.

What Will You Learn?

ECD programs emphasize:

  • Planning, developing, and implementing family and community-building strategies
  • Evaluating observation and assessment techniques to inform instructional planning for children and families
  • Creating effective learning environments for young children
  • Demonstrating sound professional standards and ethical values
  • Understanding the importance of individuality and cultural diversity

Child growth, health and nutrition, lesson planning and ethics form the backbone of any program.

Typical Courses in Early Childhood Development Degree

To enroll in a bachelor’s program you should have a high school diploma or equivalent. The program takes anywhere between four to five years to complete and you should ensure that the college you choose is accredited.

Typical coursework will include:

  • Youth development
  • Math education for children
  • School safety
  • Technology for teachers
  • Developing youth literacy
  • Teaching children with special needs
  • Youth psychology
  • Children’s nutrition
  • Student assessment

If you want to become a teacher, you will have to engage in additional teaching certificates. Each state has its own set of requirements for teaching professionals so you should research those in-depth. However, an Undergraduate Degree in ECD can be invaluable to your career is you aspire to teach as it gives the basic foundation on which you can build upon further.

Career Prospects

The growth rate is expected to be about 20 percent till 2020. Trained professionals will be in high demand as more jobs open up and parents realize the importance of early childhood development. Graduates can work in day care centers, head start programs, elementary schools, hospitals, recreation centers, after-school programs, and other childcare oriented businesses.

Parents are also relying more and more on childcare outside of the home as they work longer hours to meet economic needs. Some parents even take these courses in order to become better informed caregivers.

Qualified graduates can use their skills in switching to careers in nursing, dental hygiene, education and business.

Enroll in an Undergraduate Degree in ECD and on your way to perfecting the art of care giving.

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