Why You Should Be a Fashion Design Student in Virginia Beach

May 6th, 2013

Talent, passion and determination can lead you down the path of success no matter where you live. But if you look at the larger picture, you realize that there are other factors that might affect your innate abilities either in a positive manner or in a negative way; therefore, you need to be careful in choosing the city you want to work in.

Virginia Beach Is an Amazing City for Fashion Design Students

Virginia Beach is known to be one of the best cities in United States due to many reasons. The state, located on the eastern shore of the state of Virginia, is listed among the 10 best cities having the lowest unemployment rates, crime ratio and poverty level while it is also one of the top 10 cities with great median income, health insurance programs and high school graduate ratio. The city has three strong pillars: including huge tax base system maintained by the military bases, city’s stable financial position and effective financial policies along with typical budgeting approach.

The Employment Prospects Are Good

Virginia Beach has more professionals working in the field of Art and Design as compared to the rest of the nation. This has paved way for individuals to study fashion design, and then find work as fashion illustrators, costume makers, patternmakers, dress designers and fashion assistants.

…And So Is The Salary Package…

An annual median salary of $42,859 can be earned by fashion designers in the year 2013 in Virginia Beach. The highest offered pay was $61,739 while the lowest salary ratio was $29,161 as of 2013.

The City Is Home To Many Famous Fashion Designers…

Mario Daughtry/Urban Jungle Brands- Reckless & Agape, D’Shara McRae of J’Adore, DJ Wang, Christina Grehan, Deanna DeMonch, Willie Jermaine Charles and more designers are famous for their work and are an inspiration for fashion design students .

With Required Credentials, You Can Really Rock It As A Fashion Designer In Virginia Beach!

An Associate Degree In Fashion Design is considered as a good start for a professional career as it helps students learn the basics of fashion design, like pattern making, designing, fashion strategies, apparel design and textile. Another popular degree is an undergraduate program of 4 years with comprehensive coursework of color theory, draping, computer-aided fashion design, drawing and textiles.

Facts that make Virginia Beach a Haven for Fashion Design

Virginia Beach is an ideal city to study and work as a fashion designer. The city:

  • Have strong financial policies that are likely to generate more employment opportunities in the years to come.
  • Is home to popular designers, under whose supervision you can learn and grow.

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