Why I Have Mixed Feelings about Being a Fashion Design Student in Newark, New Jersey

May 9th, 2013

Newark is the city of New Jersey with a population of 277,140 which makes it the 67thmost highly populated municipality. According to American Community Survey of 2010, 16% residents of ages 25 in Newark never went to high school, while 15.9% did not graduate, 68.1% graduated from high school and 12.3% earned an undergraduate degree.

Several Schools In Newark Offer Fashion Design Degrees

You can easily earn an associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design and even go for an advance certificate to specialize in one area. The coursework in Newark fashion design school is at par with learn to create original clothing and design garments to set a new fashion trend. Examining the sample garments on models and then modifying them to come up with new designs will be your core job duty.

Employment Opportunities For Fashion Designers Are High…

As compared to other cities of the US, Newark has a higher employment rate for fashion designers. At present, 600 fashion designers have been working in New Jersey and the percentage is projected to grow by 17% in the next 3 years which is a lot better than the nationwide percentage of 0.8%. Apparel designers, wardrobe image consultants and senior designer are some popular positions you can attain after earning an accredited fashion design degree.

…So Are the Salary Packages

Art and Design students do not earn much but in overall category fashion designers have relatively higher salaries in Newark. They are paid an annual median income of $57,000, as of 2013.On the other hand, their national average salary is $46,184 in 2013. The salary package grows with experience.

But It Has It’s Low Points…

There are some reasons or drawbacks that might stop you from having a future in Newark. Some major issues are:

  • Various economic issues threaten to lower the overall job growth and employment opportunities in the city.
  • The percentage of graduates is comparatively lower than thatin other cities of New Jersey.
  • The growing crime rate in this city is forcing many students and graduates to move out of the city.

A fashion design degree in Newark can be rewarding for your future.

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