Careers to Pursue With an Online BS in Communication

September 3rd, 2013

As more of the behavior trends incline towards ‘ cacoon-ing’ , online degrees are becoming more acceptable worldwide. An online BS degree in communication is a good option for those who have their right side of the brain activated more, but do not want to conform to the daily routine of regular schooling. Besides, the career choices for these students are endless.

Careers to Pursue With an Online BS in Communication

Who Should Go for BS in Communication?

Anybody who’s creative enough to think out of the box to communicate an idea, a product or perhaps understand cues of body language, then this discipline is where your true potential will shine through.

To enroll in online BS in communication program, the ideal candidate should have a high school diploma with strong inclination towards creativity and arts.

Career Prospects

Who wouldn’t want to reach for the stars, right? The discipline offers room for so much of creativity and multi- tasking that word redundancy and boredom are never heard of. Not only that, the different fields one can delve into makes job hoping pretty exciting.

Public Relations Representative

For many companies half of the battle is won if they have an excellent public relations representative. After all, it’s not about what you are selling but how well you are able to do it. With a charismatic spokesperson on your side, who won’t buy the image he/she is willing to sell.

Public Relations Manager Median Annual Wage: $93,310


Demand for writing is quite high. Although there has been a significant shift in the medium, but thanks to blogging and social networking, the spectrum of writers has only broadened.

Writer / Author Median Annual Wage: $38,974

Journalist/ Reporter

A profession that brings in a whole lot of responsibility and risk. A reporter and journalist need to be fully aware of the do’s and dont’s to know what information should be shared and how to extract the relevant one, without being biased towards the news item.

Journalist and Reporter Median Annual Wage: $35,630 & $32,651 respectively

Publisher/ Editor

A bird’s eye view to review an entire publication is a rare skill that comes in with experience. Examining the magazine or newspaper for coherency that could include relevant pictures, layout editing articles and monitoring deadlines is done by a publisher/editor.

Publisher/ Editor Median Annual Wage: $45,847


A dynamic field having on the go assignments, the field requires somebody who can maintain a decent balance in his creative and organizational skills.

Broadcaster Median Annual Wage: $34,644

Media Producer

If you find yourself complaining about the quality and content of majority of the shows being shown on T.V of lately, then the media producers are solely to be blamed. A degree in communication can give better perspective and urge producers to look beyond the clichés.

Median Annual Wage: $60,273

Communications Officer

This role can be taken up in any industry, the communication officer offers variety of services to communicate the vision and mission the company holds and how it is justifying its acts accordingly.

Communications Officer Median Annual Wage: $44,164

Marketing Executive

Once you’ve understood the gimmicks of marketing, you can easily communicate your message using any medium, from social networking, sizzling hot these days, to the older radio and TV options which have proven to be more effective over the years.

Marketing Executive Median Annual Wage $46,323

Human Resources Representative

Your ability in choosing the best of words to communicate anything and everything to the company can help you progress your career in HR and that of your colleagues too. As a mediator your task in no easier than the CEO, but hey if it wasn’t for your communication degree, you would have always been juggling with word.

Human Resources Representative Median Annual Wage $41,953

Besides the lucrative earning and career choices, this industry continues to boom, much like the black eyed peas. So, if you ‘gotta feeling’ you’ll have ‘time of your life’ studying communication and opting for one of these careers then ‘pump it’!

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