Career as a Computer Engineer

What do Computer Engineer do

If you are tech-savvy, have an analytical mind and love computers then you are at the right place. Start your career as a computer engineer.

What do computer engineers do?

Computer engineers work on systems and application development. This could be on the hardware or software side. They design new systems based on the end user’s needs, test and troubleshoot when need be, design software and work on networking systems.

They research, design, develop, test and supervise all aspects of the manufacturing and installing of computer hardware.

What education do I need to enter this field?

A high school diploma is the first step. Classes in Computer Science, Programming, Mathematics and Statistics greatly help when going for higher education in the field. Employers require at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Programming, Information Systems or a related discipline.

You can either go for an undergraduate degree directly or opt to do an associate’s degree first. The more familiar you are with programming and various programming languages, the better your chances of getting a good job.

An additional requirement is internship experience. Most employers will not hire a fresh graduate without any previous training or practical experience. You can even get professional accreditation by passing the exam administered by the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers (IEEE).

Where do computer engineers work?

Almost every organization has an IT department with in house computer engineers who look after all networking and technology requirements. Computer engineers also do a lot of freelance work that can be done from home.

In companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. majority of the staff are computer engineers. You can work in the private and public sector in industries such as business, telecommunication, government, healthcare etc.

How much are they paid?

The actual salary depends on work experience, place of work as well as competency. However, the annual median salary of computer engineers is upwards of $80,000.

What are their employment prospects?

The computer engineering profession is expected to grow by 38 percent by the year 2016. That is a rapid growth rate especially when compared with the average for other occupations. More than 324,000 jobs are expected to be created and this is one industry that will only grow irrespective of economic slowdowns and Wall Street crashes.

As more and more businesses become automated and go online, there will be a greater need for skilled engineers, and in order to remain competitive businesses will have to rely heavily on these computer engineers to deliver quality and innovative technological advancements.