Career as a Fashion Designer

How to become a Fashion Designer

Fashion Design is one line of work where your creativity will be utilized to its utmost. Find out what the profession is all about.

What do fashion designers do?

Besides creating fashion trends, fashion designers are involved with a lot of sketching, designing using computer software, producing prototypes and sampling fabric and material for their products. There is also a lot of marketing effort involved to build a clientele of consumers, or even to sell products to retail stores.

Do fashion designers work with clothes only?

No, one can be a footwear designer, accessories designer, or even a jewelry designer.

What education will I need to start off as a fashion designer?

Formal post-secondary education is not required, and a high school diploma will suffice for entering the profession. Yet, some aspiring designers take classes in fashion design or go for a two-year or four-year degree in a related field to enhance their knowledge and career prospects.

What other qualities do I need to be a good fashion designer?

Creativity alone is not enough for fashion designers; one must also have an eye for detail, great decision-making and management skills, communication skills to articulate one’s ideas to one’s team, as well as computer skills to be able to design products on computer software.

What are the initial years like for a fashion designer?

In the beginning, one may have to work as an intern or assistant designer to a seasoned fashion designer. They may also start out as pattern makers or sketching assistants to senior designers. Afterwards they can apply for higher positions in companies overseeing fashion lines or brands. Some may even start their own design company.

What industries do fashion designers generally work in?

Besides apparel manufacturers and wholesalers, fashion designers also work for performing arts and related industries, as well as for specialized design houses.

What is the pay and employment prospects like?

In May 2011, fashion designers earned an median annual pay of approximately $74,000.

What about employment prospects?

Because of the strong competition in the field and relatively few positions, not much of employment growth is forecasted till 2020, with little or no expected change.

Now, do you think this career is worth a shot for the creative person in you?