Career as a Nurse

Why I want to become a Nurse

If you love to work with other people and want to help them overcome their problems then you should definitely consider a career in nursing.

What do Nurses do?

Nurses provide patient care and advice patients and their families about health concerns and remedies. They are essentially the people who look after the patient pre and post surgery, and support patients emotionally.

Nurses undertake medical activities such as checking the vital signs, giving injections and medicines, and also some other routine medical exams and applications.

What education do I need to enter this field?

To become a nurse you have to get a diploma course from an accredited program, an Associate’s Degree in Nursing or ideally a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. These programs combine theoretical study with practical application as well, and once that is completed you have to sit for the national licensing examination.

The nursing license is issued once the exam has been passed.

Where do nurses work?

Nurses work in hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, institutes for the mentally unstable, and also give home healthcare services. You will find nurses working with the military, schools and even correctional facilities.

What other traits are required to be a nurse?

Nurses work long hours, and are on the go constantly. You have to be willing to work at all hours of the day and always have a smile on your face. Patience and focus are necessary, as is the ability to console people without getting too emotionally involved.

If you are the type who can’t stand the sight of blood or pain, then this is not an environment for you to work in. You have to have great interpersonal skills and excellent supervisory and organizational capacity.

How much are they paid?

The actual salary depends on work experience, place of work as well as competence. However, the annual median salary of nurses is $64,620.

What are their employment prospects?

Nursing is a great field to get into. The industry is expected to grow by twenty six percent by 2020, which is a much faster growth rate than most other professions.

This growth will be fueled by population growth, the rise in need for preventive medicine, the aging baby boomer populating that will require more care as well as a general expansion of health services. Technological advances in medicine and increase in the longevity of people means that nurses will be in high demand.