Career as a Nutritionist

Want to become a Nutritionist

If you are conscious about your health then a career as a nutritionist might be right for you.

What do Nutritionists do?

Nutritionists plan food and nutrition programs. They advise clients on how to effectively fulfill their dietary requirements, and supervise the preparation of food in many instances as well.

Nutritionists promote healthy eating habits, conduct constant research and study the contents of various foods to understand what is good for us. They give overall lifestyle advice and explain how food affects our body.

What education do I need to enter this field?

For starters you will need at least a four-year accredited Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Science or other related disciplines such as Biomedicine. You might even have to do a pre-nutrition course if your knowledge is not up to the mark. It helps if you have done biology, healthcare and mathematics before.

Nutritionists also need to be certified, and each state has its own requirements. Many states require licenses, certifications, registration or a combination of these. Taking the credited exam from the American Dietetic Association can be a great boost to your career.

Where do nutritionists work?

Most nutritionists start their own private practice but that is usually after they have established themselves in the field. Others work in private clinics, nursing homes, physician’s office, hospitals, schools and the food industry at large.

What is a typical day like for a nutritionist?

On a typical day a nutritionist will assess patients dietary needs and plan out the best nutrition plan for them. They will confer with healthcare professionals and try to promote good health.

They will study and do research regarding the latest information on nutrition and supervise food preparation.

How much are they paid?

The actual salary depends on work experience, place of work as well as reputation and popularity with clients. However, the annual median salary of nutritionists is around $55,000.

What are the employment prospects?

The field is expected to grow by the same average as most other occupations till 2018. There is a growing need for nutritionists as people become more health conscious, as more diseases emerge that are directly linked to dietary fluctuations, and as people live longer than before. Food preparation companies need such expertise as does every other organization linked with healthcare.