It’s Time You Get Your MBA Degree Online

May 17th, 2012

Are you thinking about going back to school to earn your MBA degree? It is indeed a worthwhile decision as earning your Master of Business Administration (MBA) from affordable online business school provides you with a number of employment choices. A recent survey conducted by the U.S. News on career placement data for 2009 and 2010 revealed that approximately 75.7 percent of 2010 MBA graduates were hired within three months of graduation, while 70.8 percent were hired in 2009. Pursuing your MBA degree online could provide you lots of benefits. Let’s explore MBA specializations that help individuals move up their corporate ladder. Read and choose which MBA specialization is right for you!

Business Administration

Choosing to acquire a Master in Business Administration helps you develop a broad-based and strong background that can help prepare you to work in a number of settings in today’s multi-faceted business world. In this online degree program, you would take courses such as accounting, economics, marketing, communications, HR and technology. You’ll also probably work independently or in groups and give presentations to your peers. MBA graduates are eligible to pursue career positions as administrative services manager and general manager.


Obtaining an online MBA with an emphasis on management provides students with basic knowledge and fundamentals of an organization. An MBA in management offered by affordable online business schools allows you to familiarize with general management principles, supply chain management, risk management, leadership and team-building strategies and more. MBA grads will also develop problem-solving and communication skills that help them to pursue senior level careers such as project manager, distribution manager and purchasing manager and more.

Health Care Administration

Pursuing an online MBA with an emphasis in health care gives you a comprehensive understanding of the fastest growing health care industry. In an online MBA in healthcare administration degree program focuses on the fundamentals of business and management in the health care industry. Students will learn about healthcare economics, health policy, structure of healthcare organizations and public health organization and management. Pursing your MBA in health care administration allows you to become a healthcare administrator and health services managers in different healthcare settings such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physicians’ offices, and outpatient surgery.


Those who acquiring an MBA in accounting have a strong understanding of accounting theory and practices and they know how an organization’s company’s bottom lines impacts its operating and strategic decisions. Individuals who want to work as a manager in the finance departments of large corporations or would like to work as a certified public accountant (CPA) must pursue an online MBA in accounting.

Human Resources

An MBA degree in human resources is a good match for those with strong interpersonal skills. Earning an MBA with an emphasis on HR is a great way to gain a solid understanding of complex issues like labor law and union issues. In this type of MBA degree you must study coursework such as collective bargaining and labor economics. An MBA in human resources in highly recommended to those who wish to pursue senior HR positions.

If you really want to get advanced and senior level career positions then getting your MBA in any of these specializations is the right choice. So begin your journey to success today!

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  1. shashank gadkar says:

    i want to know more details about online mba. which are the best accrediated universities available in US & UK? also want to know duration of course & fee details?
    IS IELTS require for the any online course? if yes what band score required in IELTS or any other language?

    kindly mail me all the details.
    shashank gadkar

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