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Accreditation is the process of recognizing the competency and credibility, of colleges, universities, schools and other higher education universities or programs in order to check whether the standards are met or not.

Associate Degree

An associate degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by community, junior or technical colleges and universities. It is a two-year degree program which is designed to prepare students for entry level careers and higher education.

Accredited Online Degree

An accredited online degree is the term that refers to college degree, high school diploma or non-degree certificate program that is obtained from recognized and accredited colleges or universities. Accredited online degrees can be easily attained online, rather than attending classes in a traditional campus.


Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate academic degree that is generally completed within three to four years, depending on the region or province. It is awarded by a university after the post secondary program is completed.

Benefits of Distance Learning

Distance learning can be extremely beneficial and convenient to a wide variety of people from students looking to expand their skills and graduates already employed looking for a complete transformation or a move ahead in their careers. It offers scheduling, flexibility, saves you time and money, provides extensive choice of colleges and gives a chance to maintain a balance between work and social life. Moreover, distance learning is also an affordable option that offers reasonable tuition rates than those of traditional college education.

Business Degree Online

Online business degree presents number of career opportunities in the large fields of business, technology and health care. Business degree online programs are available at different levels such as associates, bachelor masters, MBA and PhD. There are a large variety of specialized courses available for business degree online that can be attained from accredited online universities and universities of higher education.


Career Training Online

Getting a career training online is probably the easiest and the most flexible way to get the education you need to move ahead in your field or switch to a new one. With online career training programs you can get training in numerous fast-growing fields such as IT, finance, business, healthcare, education etc., thereby helping you to achieve your goals, improve your income and advance in your career.

Career with Online Degrees

Pursuing a career with online degrees does not only provides you with innumerable career opportunities but is also quite easy to pursue as compared to a traditional campus degree specially for working people. There are a large number of online degree programs available to choose from, being offered by accredited online universities, schools, campuses and colleges.

Cost of getting your degree online

The cost of getting an online degree or certificate could well be the same as a traditional college or a university. But since online degrees are a more flexible and convenient option so many online schools can be quite expensive. The tuition fee for undergraduates, graduates, masters, MBA, doctoral and PhD courses vary greatly.


Degree Mills

Degree mills are organizations that issue real academic degrees or diplomas from non-regionally accredited universities, which are considered legal in some states but are usually, illegitimate universities.

Diploma Degree

Diploma degree is a certification, deed or document conferred by universities, colleges or other educational institutions to one who has completed a particular course of study.

Diploma Mills

Diploma mills also known as degree mills are companies that award counterfeit academic degrees and diplomas to students, without recognition of any official educational accredited bodies. In other words, they sell academic degrees which bear the names of legitimate universities in order to make a profit.

Distance Learning

Distance learning or distance education is a smart way to obtain a professional degree, certification or diploma online. It is the most convenient way to obtain higher education for those who do not have enough time to attend classes in a traditional college or campus.

Duration of a Degree

The duration of a degree varies according to the degree level and institution’s program. For instance, a bachelor’s degree program is usually completed within three to four years; master’s degree usually takes one or two years, while doctorate and PhD degree require three to four years for completion.


E Learning

E Learning is the type of learning that allows individuals to earn an academic degree, specialized courses, certifications, training or diplomas through an internet access. E learning is the practice in which individuals can learn anything, anytime, anywhere without having to physically attend a class.


Financial Aid

Certain governments provide benefits to students in terms of economic assistance and help students in paying their educational expenses including tuition fee, books, supplies and accommodation for higher education.


Graduate Studies

The term graduate studies refers to a wide range of advanced academic degree programs and courses, such as masters’ degree, doctoral degrees, MBA, PH.D., extensive range of specialties, interdisciplinary programs and outstanding research and other postgraduate qualifications.


Job Market

As the value of online education is increasing day by day and online degree programs continue to expand and improve, more and more employers are seriously considering online degree holders for different positions. That is why, in current job market, there is an increased demand for individual with online degrees, making them more desirable.


Legitimacy of Online Degree

Legitimacy of online degrees denotes that such online degree programs or courses are credible, genuine, authorized and in accordance with established and acceptable standards.

Legitimation of a University

Legitimation of a university is if particular university is accredited and does not provide a degree which holds no value.


Master’s Degree

A master’s degree is an academic degree issued to individuals who have successfully completed their bachelor’s degree, usually takes one to three years depending upon the particular course or training required to complete the specific filed of study.

MBA Degree Online

Online Master of Business Administration degree or MBA degree online offers a wide range of academic disciplines, providing with the necessary skills need to move ahead in the career. MBA degree online is designed to enhance and develop professional and business management skills necessary to function effectively in the competitive business world.

MBA Schools Online

MBA schools online provide accredited online MBA degree programs to aspiring professionals and working adults with busy schedules who want to increase their knowledge and wish to advance in their career. MBA schools online offers a wide range of academic disciplines and specialization courses in MBA degree that helps students choose with exact online MBA degree they want to take.


Online Degree Schools

Online degree schools provide students with the high quality education similar to those offered at traditional colleges or campuses. Online degree schools award various academic degrees such as associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, high school diplomas, non-degree certificate programs and a wide range of specialization courses, helping students to choose the subjects most valuable to their career and educational goals.

Online Instructors

Online instructors or teachers are responsible to guide the students through online courses. Online instructors review the course information, learning modules, assignments/assessment and communication mode, ensuring that the course is complete and ready for the students.


Popular Degrees

There are hundreds of online degrees available to choose from. However, there are some degrees that are very famous among students and professionals and in huge demand nowadays. Some of the most popular and trendiest online degrees are:

  • Business
  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Engineering



A salary is a type of periodic payments from an employer to an employee which is awarded in exchange for the competent performance within the workplace.


Scholarships also called as financial aid awards, grant to the students who want to further their education. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of various criteria such as merit, career or applicant’s need.


A syllabus is an outline, brief statement or summary of the main topics of a course of study, lectures or training course.


Traditional College Degree

A degree obtained from a traditional college which is attained by physically taking the classes in enrolled university or a college is a traditional college degree.

Time an online degree takes

An online degree takes about two to four years to complete, depending upon the degree level, course study and province. For instance, a bachelor’s degree program usually takes three to four years; master’s degree is usually completed in one or two years, while doctorate and PhD degree require three to four years for completion.