How to Start Your Career in Health Information Technology?

November 6th, 2013

Now there are variety of ways you can land in a job, doing something which might have never cross your mind. It could be far from being a dream job, yet somehow you relish the work you do and the opportunities that are paved in that position. But alas! Not everyone is lucky enough and some of us have to settle for run of the mill jobs.

How to Start Your Career in Health Information Technology?

However, we, here are always making an effort to educate you about different professions so you can work for a better future. Career in health information technology can be a better future for you. How? Read on to find 5 simple steps that can help you enter this amazing field.

Step # 1: Get your Facts Straight

To begin with, it’s important you gather all the knowledge regarding this field and list the facts that will help you understand this occupation better.

To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical healthcare, a lot of reliance is on the use of computer and digital technology. Immense medical data needs to be properly stored, secured and retrieved, for this reason alone , trained employees with bright minds and fresh perspective are needed to take positions in health IT.

In words of Dale Lineberry: “There is a huge push to store and secure electronic medical records for everyone who’s utilizing the health care system.”

So fish in all the information you can get about this field and work dynamics, this will give you a better picture of what you’re getting into.

Step # 2: Get Basic Education

Some employers will hire you with an associate degree with specialized knowledge of relevant software and systems. If your computer proficiency and training is first-class then there is no reason why you won’t be considered.

Most healthcare IT jobs require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, preferably in a field related to either healthcare or IT. Advanced degrees such as an MBA, or MS in an IT or MIS-related field are always helpful.

Good communication skills along with the inclination towards learning new software are pre requisites as this field is constantly evolving.

Step # 3: Get Certification

To match the developments in this occupation you need to keep your IT certifications active. The following technical certifications are in high demand in healthcare IT.

  • CCNA
  • PMP

Step # 4: Apply for Jobs

The expected growth in employment in heath IT is 20% by 2018. As employers focus more on computerized systems and use of EHRs, undoubtedly the demand for professionals will be more.

While there are plenty of job opening in large hospitals, some health information technicians may assist with improving EHR software usability or contribute to the maintenance and development of health information systems.

Step # 5: Start your Career!

A growing healthcare field awaits competent people like you who have a knick for technology and interest in healthcare. With adequate training and passion to contribute in this industry, we are affirmative that this career has to lot to give back.

Wishing you all the success. Get started now in your health IT career.

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