Interesting Reasons Why Career Counseling Is Enjoyable

September 6th, 2012

And as the recession continues to worry Americans about job security and employment prospects, switching careers has become a common way out. So, when people move from one job to another, a career counselors therapy and consultation makes this shift fairly less chaotic. Due to this, demand for career counselors has increased in the past few years, which is why a Degree in Career Counseling has great job prospects.

Career counseling is a tough job without a doubt, but here are three things that make it interesting, engaging and fun:

1. Decoding People:

Career counseling and psychotherapy have a close relationship. Psychoanalysis is a specific method of mind investigation therapy. Career counselors get equipped with the knowledge of psychoanalysis when they are getting their degree.Together with in-depth skills to analyse people, fascinating facts can be figured out in a couple of meetings. A lot of counselors enjoy decoding their clients.

2. Sense Of Fulfilment:

A career counselor is like a torch for a lost person. He helps a person find a way which can lead to a brighter future by providing appropriate guidance and support. Moreover, the fact that they are helping someone leads to a sense of fulfilment, something which not everyone has these days with their jobs. Indeed, majority of the people find it to be an immensely rewarding career.

3. Unlocking Abilities:

Career counselors counsel people who are bored with their current jobs or worried about future prospects, and want to switch careers according to their skills, interest and job security.They help people discover their abilities according to their personality types.

For people who plan to pursue a career in career counseling, a master’s degree is required. Career counselors usually work full-time in colleges, private practice and government career centers. Those who work in private practice generally must be licensed and can earn an annual salary up to $84,080.

Change is inevitable as people grow constantly. You can help smooth out psychologically tiring transitions for people by becoming a career counselor.

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