Got An Online Degree? Now Kick Start Your Career

October 24th, 2012

Getting an online degree is just the first step. You have gone through hours of self-study, working your family and work schedule around your study time and interacted virtually with tons of people from around the world. You have learnt a lot about your discipline of choice, but also a lot about time management, research and relying on your own self.

Your online degree might have given you the tools that you need to start a career or advance in your existing career but that won’t amount to much unless you can really sell your degree and show recruiters and employers what you have learnt.

Some Important Things to Consider:

  • During an interview, highlight and stress upon your group projects, assignments and case-studies. Since many employers are skeptical about learning everything over a computer, you need to convince them that you have the same skill sets as a person with a traditional campus-based degree. Give instances and examples of what you learnt in various courses and how this would translate into you becoming a valuable member of the organization.
  • When you are being considered for a job, your educational qualifications are just one of many factors that are being assessed. You will need to focus on your practical work experience to show employers that you are a problem solver and know what it takes to work in the real world. The biggest advantage of an online degree is that you can have a job on the side so stress on that and mention other work related experiences that have taught you valuable lessons.
  • On your resume be sure to include the accreditation status of your online university. This will immediately put the employer at ease as he/she will know how recognized the institute is.
  • Try to make connections between your online college and a traditional one. You can do that if there are certain affiliations that exist, or if some of the faculty is the same. Try to mention courses that might be the same in a renowned campus-based university or any time that you might have gone to a traditional university to attend a lecture or engage in some academic/extra-curricular activity.

The point is to sell your degree and the skills that you have learnt. You will have to work harder at it than a traditional student but that doesn’t mean that you will be penalized for being a distance learner. Many employers and companies do not discriminate on this basis as long as you have done well at an accredited college. You know the worth and value of your online degree; now you just have to communicate that to your prospective or existing employers.

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