Online Fashion Design Degree in Los Angeles – Fashion Hub of the US!

February 20th, 2013

Studying fashion is any fashionista’s dream come true. There’s creativity involved, lots of practical work, lectures from some famous designers, and the opportunity to learn so many creative concepts. So what does it mean to be a student of fashion design? Why is Los Angeles the most preferred city by fashion designers? Let’s check it out.

Online Fashion Design Degree in Los Angeles - Fashion Hub of the US!

What should be your expectations about Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is a very competitive field where designers have to keep updating their skills and ensuring utmost creativity in their designs. They have to decipher what consumers will like, and come up with relevant themes for their collection. From sketching a design, working on computer-aided design (CAD) programs, and selecting fabric and embellishments for garments and accessories, to presenting designs in fashion shows or marketing them to clothing retailers, the work of fashion designers is really all-encompassing.

Popular Fashion Design Programs offered by Colleges in LA

What Courses will you Study?

As diverse as the number of programs you can choose from, courses in this field are rather interesting too.

Courses You Will Study as Fashion Design Student

What Careers can you go for with a Degree in Fashion Design?

It’s incorrect to assume you can only become a fashion designer with a fashion design degree, and models will be parading runways wearing your designs. It’s a vast and diverse field with many areas of work and different work environments. Besides fashion designing, you can also go into textile designing, or choose to work as a costume designer for theatre, film or TV. You can also become a buyer, merchandiser or manager within the fashion retail industry or use your knowledge of visual merchandising to help display fashion and accessories in stores. One can also go into media and publishing, becoming a fashion Journalist or PR officer for a fashion house.

Why is Los Angeles a Popular City for Fashion Designers?

Of the over 16,000 jobs for fashion designers in the US, 2,760 are in LA. It’s also amongst the highest paying metropolitan areas for fashion designers in the US, with the average annual salary for professionals in this field hovering around $75,860. Some well-known clothing lines and brands in the US are from LA, such as Deborah Viereck, Dolan Clothing, Fluxus, Stella Neptune, Anthony Franco and many more.

With specialties such as clothing design, children’s wear, footwear, accessories, and costume design to choose from, this is one promising career for the energetic fashionista in you. So have you thought of which fashion design program will you go for?

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