Online MBA in Accounting

A Masters of Business Administration with a concentration of accounting is an ideal degree program for those who are interested in furthering their knowledge and advancing their financial skills in the financial and accounting worlds. Students selecting a career with an online MBA in Accounting can gain advanced knowledge of business accounting principles and financial management that will certainly help them meet the financial needs and challenges of today’s competitive business world. As a matter of fact, getting an online MBA in Accounting opens doors to various rewarding and challenging career paths in the ever evolving world of accounting.

Boost Your Career with Online MBA in Accounting

An online MBA in Accounting allows business professionals to learn the ins and outs of financial planning, accounting theories, budget planning and auditing. In short it provides them a solid business background in accounting. Students pursuing a career with online MBA in Accounting will gain leadership skills that can help them to succeed in management positions. As the degree is earned online, busy professionals can also earn this masters degree program according to their own schedules. Indeed, choosing a career with an online MBA in Accounting is the best option to hone your marketing and accounting skills while giving a significant boost to your career.

Program coursework for Online MBA in Accounting

Generally, an online MBA degree in accounting takes two years of full time study to complete, however, part-time students may take longer to complete. A large variety of program coursework is designed to provide students with academic knowledge as well as professional and marketing skills. Some common courses include:

  • Financial Accounting and Management
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Taxation
  • International Finance
  • Marketing
  • Personal Investments
  • Electronic Business
  • Cost Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Legal Issues

Job Options with an Online MBA in Accounting

Students pursuing a career with an online MBA in Accounting learn many fundamentals, including analytical skills; financial expertise, accounting principles and concepts of marketing that qualify them for various rewarding career positions. Professionals with an MBA in Accounting Degree can work as controllers, internal auditors, treasurers, senior accountants, certified public accountants, cost analysts, budget managers, corporate book keepers, forensic accountants, financial analysts, internal revenue service agents, auditors and staff accountants.

Employment and Salary Outlook for MBA Graduates

Graduates with an MBA degree in accounting can work in a myriad of fields including corporations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and many other institutions. Since well-skilled and ethical accountants with an MBA degree will always be in high demand, therefore their salary expectations are also high. However, according to a recent salary survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, candidates with an MBA in Accounting Degree can earn up to $45,000 to $85,000.

The field of accounting is very organized and diverse and offers various high paying jobs; therefore pursuing a career with online MBA degree in accounting is undoubtedly the perfect option to upgrading your career and polishing your skills.