A Dream Career packed with Glam and Attitude! Brian Daniel launches Book for Elite Personal Assistant Jobs

Step aside doctors, engineers and nurses; Brian Daniel brings another career to the spotlight that many would really die to be in – elite personal assistant! In his recently launched book ‘Dream Careers: The Tutorial for Finding Elite Personal Assistant Jobs’, the celebrity personal assistant not only walks us through his life in the glamorous and enchanting world of the elite, but even tells aspirants how to go about networking and grooming themselves to land the prized job.

A Dream Career packed with Glam and Attitude! Brian Daniel launches Book for Elite Personal Assistant Jobs

To his credit, Brian Daniel has years of experience as an executive assistant for Hollywood celebrities, high-worth families and even royalty. Before launching a headhunting firm for executive assistants, PAs and estate managers for celebrities and the affluent in 2007 – The Celebrity Personal Assistant – Daniel was working as the Chief of Staff to the Saudi royal family.

“The trick is knowing how to break into the hidden job market because the best jobs are not going to be listed on a job site,” Broadway World.com quoted Daniel, giving a hint of the numerous unconventional ways of breaking into the job market that prospective executive assistants can hugely benefit from.

From finding celebrities and high-worth individuals in any area at all and being discreet in approaching the star-studded folks, to shining out in the lot of people vying for the same glamorous jobs, all have been extensively covered in the book.

Complementing this unique piece for landing a dream career job is an online resource which takes you through the life of a personal assistant with the help of videos and photos. Want to explore Daniel’s experience of riding in a million dollar Phantom Rolls Royce, all you have to do is click to get a first-hand taste of a celebrity assistant’s life.

Such a peek into the all-glammed-up world and you won’t be tempted to work on this career for yourself? A little hard to believe, isn’t it? And that’s why Daniel even offers personal assistant training to coach aspiring candidates who wish to break into this field. So whether you are in LA, Vegas, San Francisco, Miami or New York, enjoy the life of the rich and famous by hatching into this field with Daniel’s unique tricks and tips.