Which Graduates Are Most Set For Career Success in 2013?

November 28th, 2012

There are a number of variables that need to be considered, when choosing a career with online degree. For some that translates into passion, for others money. Some people get into a career because of pressure from their parents, others because it is the first thing they can think of. And many people are just born with certain gifts that lend themselves very well to certain professions. Whatever your reason for choosing a career, it is important to manage expectations, fully research the field and carve out a tentative career path for yourself keeping in mind what you expect to get out of it.

Looking for Career Success in 2013

Certain careers are relevant throughout time. Some ebb and flow in popularity, while others just simply disappear with shifting preferences and technological changes. If you are graduating in 2013 in the following professions, you should thank your lucky stars that you weren’t graduating in the midst of the recent economic recession.


  • No matter which part of the world you go to or which industry you set foot in, accounting is an ever green profession. It is not only expected to grow at a healthy pace but pay scales are also expected to increase, and the best part is that even though accountants might be wrongly perceived as being dull and boring, they do command great respect in the job market and the more qualified you are, the better.

Information Technology

  • A career in IT or a technology related field is the way to go. The tech bubble might have burst but its relevance has not. If you are new graduate in IT then you are in a good place in 2013, but innovation is the key here. Look out for areas such as Animation or Medical Technology where you can make a niche for yourself and develop skills that are in high demand.


  • In some parts of the world jobs for MBA’s might be shrinking but not in the US. An MBA degree is still very coveted and competitive, and surprisingly online programs are also becoming popular. New graduates can expect to earn at least 30% more than they would have before the degree, and business skills of the caliber that are taught in renowned universities are still priced and valued.

Nursing and Healthcare

  • Will you be graduating with a nursing/healthcare degree in 2013? Well, that was a good decision. Nursing is the fastest growing profession in the US with 22% growth rate. You can expect good salaries, a satisfying job and job security because no matter how many nurses there are, there is always need for more. California is a very good place to start for CRNA’s, and this career is one to watch as it is only expected to become more relevant with time. Choose a specialization such as Nursing Management or Healthcare Leadership and work your way up towards a management position.

Watch out for these careers and if you are lucky enough to be graduating in them in the coming year, then put your skills to the test and practice what you have learnt. If you play your cards right and work hard, then 2013 could be YOUR year.

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