Think about an Enriching Career in Civil Engineering

November 1st, 2013

Professional degrees and related careers are literally ever-lasting. There is a constant demand for skilled professionals in specialized careers, and civil engineering is easily one of them.

Think about an Enriching Career in Civil Engineering

For many aspiring career hopefuls, especially those with a knack for physics and Math, becoming a civil engineer is a really smart choice. The field is growing, well-paying, and really makes you exercise the bets of your intellectual skills.

Typical Job Duties of a Civil Engineer

Civil engineers design and supervise large construction projects, such as roads, large commercial and residential buildings, bridges, dams, airports, etc. They analyze survey reports, assess the economic feasibility of a project by evaluating costs, use design software to design a project, analyze environmental impact of a project, etc.

Civil Engineering – a Growing Profession

Infrastructure in most parts of the country and also across the world has aged over the years and rebuilding projects are being undertaken in various places. Besides the maintenance work for mega projects, a growing population and increased demand for residential buildings, water and sewage systems, waste treatment plants, etc. will mean that if you become a civil engineer, you will have great job prospects waiting for you. It is estimated that about 51,100 jobs for civil engineers will be added between 2010 and 2020 in the US.

Becoming a Civil Engineer

In order to pursue this career, your education should be complete and all licensing requirements must be met. Engineers must complete a bachelor’s program approved by ABET (formerly the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) in civil engineering. This will take about 4 years for completion.

Besides this, you must also be licensed to be able to work in all states, which involves passing several exams and gaining a minimum level of experience before you can become a Civil Engineering (CE) professional.

Earnings Potential

Since this is a skill-based career, professional are highly valued and paid well. The general percentile wage estimates for this occupation are as follows:

Percentile Annual Wage
10% $51,280
25% $63,030
50% $79,340
75% $100,330
90% $122,020

Where will you work?

Architectural and engineering firms in the private sector and local, state and federal government organizations typically employ the services of civil engineers. You will likely work full-time hours, and you must be prepared to work extra hours close to a certain deadline.

With a great pay and the opportunity to excel and grow, a career in this engineering specialty is highly valued across the country.

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