Top 7 Fashion Design Programs in California

March 26th, 2013

From hairstylists to manicurists and fashion designers, there are many who are making their mark in the beauty and fashion industry. Of all US states, California ranks the highest in terms of the employment level in this occupation. There are an estimated 4,480 fashion designers in California, earning an average wage of $72,910 annually. Los Angeles is clearly the fashion capital of the US, offering the most employment for people in this field – nearly 2,760 jobs.

Top 7 Fashion Design Programs in California

Many top schools in California also offer Online Programs in Fashion Design that can lead to a degree in the field with much convenience and flexibility. But which degree program should you go for?

1. Fashion Design

With this degree program offered at various levels from associate’s to master’s, getting a core Degree in Fashion Design can be a great start. You’ll be taught basic skills, such as sewing, drafting designs, draping, etc. You’ll also learn about all the steps in designing a garment, from the planning stage to presenting a finished garment.

2. Fashion Design and Merchandising

Career with Merchandising degree, not only will you be equipped with skills required in fashion designing, but the coursework is also designed to help students work in small business and industrial settings too. So you’ll study designing of garments, as well as their production, manufacturing, merchandising, etc.

3. Fashion Marketing

Who says fashion design is just about creating clothing items? With a Degree in Fashion Marketing, you will be in a position to influence fashion trends. Aside from the basics of fashion design, you’ll learn critical skills for effectively marketing a product through courses such as retailing, social commerce, marketing management, etc.

4. Textile Design

Textile or fabric designing takes a fashion design degree into a niche level. You’ll learn about different textures, patterns, colors used in designing textiles and fabric to be used in home furnishings, apparel, packaging, etc. You’ll also be taught Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills which are very essential for anyone in this field.

5. Fabric Styling

As a fabric stylist, you’ll be responsible for the colors and patterns for fabrics used in a particular line or collection of clothing. The degree program is similar to textile design, but you’ll also learn essential marketing skills needed to ensure your products are a complete success on the high street!

6. Fashion Management

Also offered as a Fashion and Retail Management program, this degree will prepare you for a career in fashion from a business point of view. It’s a cross-functional degree that goes beyond fashion design, opening up careers in manufacturing and retailing in the fashion industry for you.

7. Fashion Design and Technology

A Degree in Fashion Design and Technology will also train you in the use of cutting-edge technology for designing and marketing products. Specific projects will be assigned to you to hone your skills in technical development, computer-aided design (CAD) and logistics for fashion designing.

So are you interested in a career in fashion design in California? Which of these programs will you go for?

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