How to Become a Human Resources Manager?

Organizations need to be able to manage their staff and employees well to run efficiently and this has rendered the human resources profession a quite favored one in recent years.

Here’s a look at what this job entails:

The Work Of Human Resources Managers

Human resources managers handle all aspects of employee management at an organization. From planning the allocation of human resources to maximizing employees’ skills, developing organizational policies for workers, and acting as liaisons between upper management and employees, to handling conflicts and supervising recruitment and hiring decisions, their tasks can be all-encompassing.

Types Of Human Resources Managers

Human Resources Managers may work as labor relations managers – handling issues of labor unions and of non-union settings. Or, they can choose payroll management or recruitment management as their area of specialty.

Academic Requirements

To start off a career in this field, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management or Business Management will suffice. However, if one wishes to advance in their career and take up a specialty, a higher-level degree such as a master’s will be needed.

Essential Skills For Human Resource Managers

Besides other managerial and organizational skills, people in this profession need to have top-class interpersonal skills. They have to work a lot with people, and handle sensitive issues that may arise. They also need to inculcate a positive attitude and environment for their clients and at their work place, which requires a good rapport with people in general.

Pay and Job Outlook

At $99,180, the median 2010 pay of this profession will surely convince many to evaluate this career option. The job outlook, though not staggering, is as fast as for other professions at an employment change of 13 percent between 2010 and 2020.

So, are you sold on considering a career as a human resources manager?

Human Resources Manager

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