How to Use Facebook to Become a Better Online Student

June 28th, 2012

Who says your online college course has to be boring and dull? This is the digital age folks; and there’s an amazing world of social media with websites such as Facebook that have made virtual life a lot of fun. Why should online education be left behind? Now, through Facebook, you can make online learning as happening and fun as you want!

• Add Your Fellow Students on Facebook

Could getting in touch be easier? You know the names of your colleagues in your online course class. Introduce yourself to them and become Facebook buddies. Not only do you get a peep into what sort of interests do people in your virtual class share, but you also let them know a little bit about yourself. Who knows, the online course pal you used to discuss marketing strategies with also shares your interest in music!

• Approach Your Tutor with a Facebook Request

There is no barrier to anyone using Facebook, and no reason to think your online instructor is not on Facebook. Many professors and lecturers have online profiles, and it is a good idea to include them in your friend circle. Post on their wall if you’ve got a query, throw in a suggestion for a course discussion through a message or suggest pages that they might like. You may, however, want to watch your language when communicating with them to maintain the teacher-student respect and avoid anything too casual. Perhaps playing around with your privacy settings and enlisting teachers in a separate group will be a good idea.

• Make Your Course Facebook Page

If none of the students have done this, you can be the first. Make a Facebook page for your batch taking a particular course. Share ideas, ask for opinions, and comment on what others have to say. Ask your online instructor to become a co-administrator for the page if possible. You may discuss assignments and exam questions, organize videoconferencing sessions with peers related to a discussion or even a casual get together for those in close proximity. The ease of use and the ‘fun’ part of it makes everything all the more easy and convenient.

• Join the College Facebook Page

Most universities and colleges have Facebook pages and your online school will be no different. Besides pages for your courses, also join the institution’s main Facebook page. You’ll know about key events taking place at your school, and important announcements, such as when the school would remain closed for a holiday, will also likely be shared on Facebook. In fact, people also sell or donate their books and other useful resources to other students on their university’s pages.

Now you can make online studies more fun through Facebook, what are you waiting for…login today!

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