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November 9th, 2012

Web designers and software developers play a crucial part in keeping the world connected through the internet. These web designers are trained in various programming languages, as well as in aesthetics and colors that allow them to create impressive, professional and easy to use websites for companies or individuals. Web designers often have options to work in varied and specialized industries, such as information architecture, project management, Flash and graphic arts.

What Does A Web Design Degree Teach

Increased Demand For Web Desginers

As individuals, small businesses as well as large corporations all understand the need for taking themselves and their business online, the demand for web designers continues to grow. Writing for SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization can make a web designer enter this field in a great way. So if you have a flair for writing, learn web design, along with the knowledge of HTML. And prepares you for the endless opportunities present in this field.

Creating An Eye-Catching And Visually Aesthetic Website

Web designers have to present the message and the content of the site in a clear and understandable manner. They are usually hired in order to create aesthetically pleasant websites that are unique and create a visual impact to attract users to further browse the contents of the site.Though content is king, there is no denying the fact that a website which is user-friendly and eye-catching often attracts lots of traffic.

What Does A Web Design Degree Teach?

Courses and programs designed for Web design will teach you everything you need to start designing website which look professional.

Programming Languages

Several programming languages are taught and used for designing websites, such as:

  • HTML
    Most web designers use Hypertext Markup Language, better known as HTML. It is used for displaying web pages and other information displayed in the web browser
  • Java Programming
    Java programming is taught in the degree program, which is a very common form of web design. It also includes advanced web features and flash animations.
  • PHP or Hypertext Processing
    PHP is a server-side scripting language. In other words PHP is a programming language that is advanced and can be embedded into HTML to create dynamic web pages.
  • CGI
    CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface is a programming language that determines how your site will automatically respond to requests for navigation applications.


  • You will also be taught to use a number of different softwares which are useful in the creation of a website, like Photoshop. While some softwares are specifically used for web design, such as Adobe’s Dreamweaver.

Bachelors in Information Technology – Multimedia and Animation

Students seeking a degree in Information Technology with an emphasis on multimedia and animation are able to learn how to use professional tools including animated vector graphics, image processing and up-to-date tools for professional web design.

This program focuses on key areas of graphics and multimedia technology, helping students learn highly useful skills and receive feedback from other students, which consequently increases their level of creativityand lets them develop problem solving skills.

Web designers are in high demand because they are trained to create web pages that can be accessed by computers, mobile phones and other Internet-enabled devices. A web designer can make anywhere between $26,440 to $76,450 a year.

This degree can land youa career which is creative and in high demand, as websites are not going anywhere, the demand is increasing with each passing year. Professionals with a specialized degree have a comparative advantage over others.

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